About Us


Fort Lee Gospel Church exists to build and inspire the faith of believers and invite non-believers to faith in Jesus Christ.         (Matt 28:18-20)


Our culturally diverse church is committed to helping families and singles connect with God to build stronger, healthier lives.


1.  We value life transformation through a faith relationship with Jesus Christ.  (II Cor 5:17)

2.  We believe that an abundant life is enhanced by collective worship, small group Bible study, daily time with God, and serving others.   (John 10:10)

3.  We encourage the full participation of diverse people from many cultural backgrounds, various walks of life and different places in their journey of faith.  (Gal 3:26-29)

4.  We believe that faith in Jesus Christ and participation in church life makes for stronger families and contributes to raising children to be godly and successful adults.   (Mal 4:6)

5.  Fort Lee Gospel Church, an evangelical church, believes in the inspiration of the Bible as the authority for faith and practice.   (II Tim 3:16)


We know that God is at work in our lives if the following behavior is reflected in our lives.  Our hope is that this list would reflect who we are becoming in Christ.

1. Our congregation spends daily time engaging God through prayer and the Bible.      Josh 1:6-9     II Tim 3:14-17

2. Our congregation has their character shaped by the fruit of the Holy Spirit.   Gal 5:13-26    John 13:34-35    

3. Our congregation understands their spiritual gifts and they are ministering in their giftedness.      Eph. 2:10     Romans 12:1-9

4. Our congregation are actively engaging nonbelievers in conversation about faith.       Matt 28:16-20     Acts 1:8

5.  Our congregation are involved with some justice or compassion ministry.     Matt 25:31-46     James 1:27

6.  Our congregation understands biblical stewardship and they are using their time, treasure and talents to build God’s kingdom.           I Tim 6:6-19     II Cor. 9:6-8